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Are these rocks aquarium safe? Ive put them in boiling water for a hour, can I add them to the tank? More pics in comments.

Don’t put rocks in boiling water. If there is any moisture inside the rocks, it will begin to boil and expand and can cause them to explode, sending the rock equivalent of shrapnel everywhere.

Aside from that, if they didn’t bubble from vinegar they should be fine. Put them in the tank and closely monitor the ph. The shiny bits are probably quartz, which is aquarium safe.

http://imgur.com/FL2nWtQ http://imgur.com/kozYHqx http://imgur.com/RHEwINP Some of the rocks have shiny things in them. http://imgur.com/O9q1Mpj

Overall those rocks look to be dark granite with bits of quartzite. The very shiny pieces in the rock might be Muscovite mica. It harmlessly degenerates into mud. Source: I had a geology class once.

I’ve done a bit of googleing and it appears there is absolutely no problem with exploding rocks. The temperatures that could cause any change in a rock are way too high to be even slightly troubled buy water boiling. Apparently sometimes though, after people boil them they plunge them into freezing water to quickly cool them. And I’ve not read a single person saying it’s happened to them.

TLDR: It is completely fine to boil rocks, just let them cool slowly, not by plunging them into freezing water, just to be safe.

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