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20 gallon freshwater tank. Any suggestions for what to put in here?

You should look into getting a wider stand. Something that will support the 4 corners of your tank.

Only male (or only female) guppies though unless you want to be overrun with baby guppies.

Hortwort. Pretty good plant, grows quickly, consumes nitrate like nothing!

I love this advice. When I start up a tank I put in Hornwort, I don’t typically keep it there forever but it’s a great starter plant that sucks up the nitrates and fills out the tank with greenery while I wait for the slower growing plants to start taking hold.

Ensure the tank is cycled. then go to your local fish store, look around, take pics of your favorite fish, and research the care(or ask here). That’s a fun way to do it, I find.

A betta would be cool. I’m sure he’d love the huge space and would be super happy.

Somewhat a beginner still, I have this exact tank and my endlers livebearers and shrimp love this tank with a few plants in it

Thank you! My father and I are both beginners so I’m looking for something easy/not overwhelming. I’ll take a look for these!

Sticking a pothos into the filter is so easy even I couldn’t mess it up. Probably.

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