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Cats and soup

I just found this today.


The art and animation is beautifully done. Very reminiscent of Anime. The different cells interconnect allowing the cats to move around, and make… Well… Soup. Definitely an idle game too.

I’ve been playing this for a couple weeks and it is basically an ad watching simulator. To complete the daily challenges you have to watch something like 7 ads, and more than that if you want to progress more.

That being said, the cats are so cute cutting their veggies and playing with fireworks and making soup and juice that I accept the ad watching reality. There are a ton of IAPs for quite a bit of money that I haven’t touched but it seems like most of them don’t even mitigate the need to watch ads. But! Like I said, you get to dress your cats up and out furniture in their rooms, and that’s a pretty big draw for me.

Honestly I just don’t watch the ads. Who cares if I make progress? The cats are making soup!

There are soooo many ads, but the ad manager sloth helps mitigate them. You can pay to upgrade him, and if you upgrade him fully, you can get rid of ads. But it costs like $50 or more, it’s insane.

I’m not even really playing to move forward, I just arrange my plot of land for sounds and sound combos I like for easy ASMR πŸ™‚

The secret is saving up your fish until you find a 4-star cat that matches one of your stations and then feeding it all your fish and any more you catch after. Then you just put all your money on that cat until you’ve multiplied the money you have 1milx and put a hundred levels on all your other buildings. Repeat until you have all the buildings (though you don’t need them).

an alternative for the start is to get the first levels of the soup maker cat

There’s no need to save your fish – especially since you’ll miss out on the daily and daily scratchy. You can trade out cats (for 500 gems) and they keep their heart level

i didnt know you can do that but im not able to do it bc i feel sad when i only pet one cat😭😭 i mean if i were a cat and watch how a mf is only giving food to one of us i would be sad

Nah. The secret is to go “OH MY GOSH THEY’RE MAKING SOUP!” For 5 minutes a day, then forget about it.

I’m lucky because I got a 5 star soup cat randomly very early on and then I beat the game so quickly bc of it

My elderly cat recently passed away and shortly after I found this game. It was absolutely heart breaking but I couldn’t help but download it. It really soothed my heart to see such sweet cats grating lettuce and cutting carrots. Great if you want something you can check in on 1/2 times a day.

Has anyone else had the issue where you collect gold but it doesn’t change the total amount of gold you have? I was playing for acouple days then suddenly my gold stopped going up no matter how much I collected. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but stays the same, was quite enjoyable until my progression has been halted :-/

Bit late to answer this, but if you have for example 10d and you add 1000c to it, it wont show up bc it’s a smaller unit- but eventually all your cs will add up until 10d changes to 11d. Or is it like you have 10d and add 2d and its still 10d?

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