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Can someone ID this guy? Will he eat my Ramshorn snails?

He appears to be unwell. He has a bit of receding on the operculum, some discharge by his foot, and a wavy foot. I would check your water parameters.

Check out my care guide for info on what to feed him (algae wafers and veggies won’t cut it, he needs omnivore food).

As others have said, that’s a mystery snail. I’ve got four of em in with two ramshorns and my only concern is when the behemoth sized mystery snail cruises right over one of the ramshorns as I’m afraid he will accidentally hurt/kill them. However they seem entirely unbothered by it so I just keep an eye on them. I have a second tank cycling to move the ramshorns to if it ever becomes an issue (it’s going to have the ramshorns in it eventually but I’m hoping to get the tank cycled, planted and get a new light for it before adding any snails (and then eventually a pea puffer-but that’s a long time away))

You do know that pea puffers eat snails, right? You don’t really want them in the same tank unless it’s to feed the puffer.

Mystery snail. A beautiful specimen, glorious to watch. Feed it algae tabs + fresh foods.

Free mystery snail!!

They will not eat anything living, and won’t touch plants

Lol. Won’t touch plants? My 4 mysterys would beg to differ. They love to munch on my salvinia minima, no problem there since it reproduces so quickly they can have all they want, but they’ve decimated my rotala orange julius, anubias nana petite, and have munched up the baby tears I just bought before they ever had the chance to establish roots.

I feed them snail pellets, fresh veg, and algae wafers, plus my tank has algae so they’re not starving, they just love to eat fresh delicious veg and it don’t get much fresher than alive and growing. I’ve had to pull what was left of the rotala and anubias into a different tank to protect it while there was still something left to hopefully grow back. Anubias is looking good and growing roots back from the rhizome, but the rotala is nothing but a stem with some roots. Hoping it survives cuz it’s beautiful… or was anyway.

Prolly Pomacea bridgesii, the South American apple snail (it’s also called the mystery snail)

Mystery snail, no dangers to the ramshorns at all. The pitting on his shell on the inner spirals means he needs calcium

No they’ll bully him and eat his shell for the calcium, I had to separate my ramshorn snails

Mine eats the small babies but he literally eats anything he can fit in his mouth

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