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Compared to Walmart Meijer takes amazing care of there fish. I only saw one dead.

Our Meijers sucks balls when it comes to fish care. The amount of dead Pictus Cats I see is depressing.

It makes no sense to not care for those animals, they are for sale and would be wasted otherwise. Its like a supermarket throwing away their wares.

I’m glad you can order most stuff in my country (Germany), even fish but then special shipping is expensive. Its legal here to send invertebrates in a package and it works quite well.

The ones in GR have largely gotten rid of their fish. Prior, I saw many deaths and illnesses. I would not advocate their fish department.

If you’re in Michigan, go to blue fish aquarium. You won’t be disappointed.

Yeah dont give them too much credit. If they happen to employ someone who knows something about fish, maybe they’re doing a better job. The majority of the fish I’ve seen in meijer are screwed.

Love seeing german blue rams and mbunas in the same tank. Really great stuff.

Glad yours does a good job. Ours just lets the fish fend for themselves. Multiple dead fish in every tank with mold and algae everywhere. Bettas in cups barely clinging to life.

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