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Haul from Petco, Snails, aquatic plants and a slightly cracked 30 gallon tank.

These kind of snails aren’t considered critters in the aquarium world. They are killed by every aquatic or pet store because they are destructive and nearly impossible to get rid of. Every store gives them away for free to be puffer fish food or throws them away.

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I wonder how many people in this thread worrying about the snails would gladly eat a strip of torture factory bacon if it was handed to them

The snails there are pests. They multiply uncontrollably and eat plants. If op tries to put them in a tank with those aquatic plants the plant will all end up dead. They are basically only good as puffer fish food. Petco would never throw out the snails that would actually be considered good for a tank as some snails are really benficial for tanks and cleans up algae. These snails? Basically fish tank mosquitoes.

I was very excited to find this sub but this post is very upsetting. I had no idea petco would throw living creatures in the trash. I don’t care if they are snails, they are alive, not object to be tossed out when convenient. You saved some tiny lives.

The only reason they threw them out is because they are universally considered an invasive and destructive species. Every pet and aquatic store kills them because they will multiple uncontrollably and kill plants. They’re literally given away for free to be puffer fish food.

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If the snails are so horrible to be tossed in the trash alice, why bother tossing in a sealed container WITH water?

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