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How long does it take for my goldfish to grow back its fin after fin rot? This was taken during the rotting. Now it is no longer red and growing back slowly. I’m just wondering how long it takes.

They are really cute! Hope u get them. Should be commonly sold in any goldfish shops

They are pearlscale goldfish. You can find them on the goldfish island website, along with most other goldfish websites. You can also find them in most speciality fish shops.

Something like that will take about a month+ to heal completely — you can slowly bring the heat up a bit, (I’d go to about 77°-78°f tops) and do more changes than usual to keep the water pristine; both those things will help speed along recovery. Don’t put salt in the tank proper with all those beautiful plants, but you could also give him salt dips to stimulate the wound area.

I’m not sure, I imagine it could take a long time; if fish grow too fast, I’ve heard it can be stressful on their bodies. As long as he continues to recover I would be patient and not worry and keep him in clean water.

Thanks. I hope it doesn’t take too long. It’s in shallower water now as it can’t really swim well to eat sinking pellets.

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