Loss of Picky-Eating Fish Threatens Coral Reef Food Webs

AUSTIN, Texas — Coral reefs all over the world, already threatened by rising temperatures brought about by climate change, also face serious challenges from the possibility of fish species extinctions. According to a paper out today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the networks of predator fish and their prey found on … Read more

To keep corals healthy, we must protect herbivorous fish

We all know coral reefs are fragile environments, highly vulnerable to climate change and pollution. But did you know they also had to compete for light and oxygen with the tiny macro-algae that cover their surface? That’s why some of corals’ best friends are herbivorous fish—species like parrotfish and surgeonfish that feed on algae, helping … Read more

Ciguatoxins and Coral Reef Fish

Food Safety Focus (130th Issue, May 2017 ) – Incident in Focus Ciguatoxins and Coral Reef Fish Reported by Mr. Johnny CHU, Scientific Officer, Risk Assessment Section,Centre for Food Safety In late March/early April 2017, the Centre for Food Safety was notified of six suspected ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) cases involving 11 persons. Investigations showed … Read more

Relationship between corals and fishes on the Great Barrier Reef

Relationship between corals and fishes on the Great Barrier Reef Corals provide essential habitat structure and energy in coral reef systems, facilitating the existence of numerous reef associated species. Indo-Pacific coral reefs are home to over 600 species of hard corals (also called stony corals or scleractinian corals), and 4000-5000 species of reef fishes (Veron … Read more

How the cleaner fish and remora help keep coral reef fish healthy and clean

See how the cleaner fish and remora help keep the sea life of coral reefs clean and parasite-free Learn about cleaner fish and remora, two fishes often found in coral reefs. Contunico © ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Mainz; Thumbnail © Wirestock/Dreamstime.com Transcript Hundreds of thousands of organisms live tightly packed together around the coral reefs of … Read more