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My 1 gallon is overrun with hydras Hey everyone, I set up this 1 gallon Waldstad-style bowl about 3 weeks ago and noticed that it’s now overrun with hydras, worms, and all kinds of small organisms. At the moment I just have a moss ball, a java fern, and some frogbit from my established aquarium … Read more

What is a hydra?

What is a hydra? Nick Baker takes a look at the fascinating hydra In Greek mythology the Hydra was a poisonous, many-headed serpent with frustratingly effective powers of regeneration – cut off one of its heads and two would grow in its place. A monster of myth, right? Well, actually, no. Hydras do exist. You … Read more

Silent Baby Fish Killers

Hydra: A very interesting predator that is one of the few freshwater cnidarians—stinging, celled animals that include sea anemones, corals, and jellyfishes. A killer enters your aquarium, quietly. You don’t even hear a pin hitting the floor when it enters. It slowly starts spreading in your tank, many times it goes unnoticed. Then, it starts … Read more

How to Combat Hydra Infestation

Hydras belong to Phylum Coelenterata, a group of aquatic organisms where jellyfish and corals also belong to. Hydra doesn’t just mysteriously appear in your tank. They are often introduced to the aquarium from an external source. Once inside the tank, the abundance of food sources will promote its growth and multiplication. Aquarists often find Hydra … Read more

Hydra – Aquascaping Wiki

Hydra Every once and again, hydra come up in aquariums. These creatures are reminiscent of a skinless umbrella or maybe a tiny coral. Actually, a comparison with corals is not that far-fetched at all, because this freshwater polyp belongs to the same genus as corals, the so-called cnidaria. A lot of misinformation and alarmism goes … Read more

Dive into anything

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Natural Remedies for Aquarium Hydra or Planaria Infestation

At one time or another, aquarists may experience having Planaria and/or Hydra in their tank. These pests are often the results of poor tank care. Planaria are flatworms while Hydras are classified as coelenterates. Planaria commonly affects freshwater shrimp tanks and is usually associated with overfeeding and the presence of dirty substrate in fish tanks. … Read more

10.13.1. Hydra in the Aquarium

Hydra are small creatures often found attached to the aquarium glass, rocks and decorations in the aquarium. Hydra are small-sized polyps from the same phylum (Cnidaria) as sea anemones, corals and jellyfish and resemble tiny anemones. While anemones are marine, hydra lives only in freshwater. Hydra have a tubular body attached to a surface at … Read more