Tsimane opens the possibility to fly fish for huge dorado in clear, small mountain rivers surrounded by virgin rainforest. Although the fish population remains completely untouched and feeding frenzies are frequent, anglers should also be prepared for more technical situations in which dorado appear more selective. Sight fishing in clear, shallow waters requires an accurate … Read more

Largemouth Bass Hook Wounds

December 17, 2019 By Savannah Fernholz, Andrea Sylvia, and Dr. Michael Weber From the Field—Anglers often catch fish and observe what appear to be hook wounds on their mouths, presumably due to being previously caught. Questions concerning hook wounds include how long they last, how easily they’re detected, and if they can be used as … Read more

Fish hook removal

Sean, a 14-year-old boy, was out fishing with friends. While tidying away his gear, a used barbed fishhook became lodged in his second finger on his right (dominant) hand. Sean and his friends attempted to remove the hook but were unsuccessful. Sean feels otherwise well, has no long-term medical problems and is unsure when his … Read more