Every year turtles are accidentally hooked on fishing lines and returned to the water with the hook intact. Without meaning to, this is a practice that can be harmful to turtles. Accredited veterinarians and licensed wildlife rehabilitators have witnessed fishing hook related injuries and fatalities firsthand. The practice of cutting the line by their accounts … Read more

Swallowed Hook Removal: Amazingly Easy And Effective!

April 17, 2019 By In-Fisherman Online Staff Among the most impressive learning experiences was the hands-on hook removal instruction we received from Guide Robert “Jamie” Jackson (Freelancer Guide Service) on how easily and effectively hooks can be removed from a fish’s gullet. Jackson emphasizes how resilient a fish’s gills actually are – far from being … Read more

Do Fish Hooks Dissolve?

Losing fish hooks is something that happens to every angler every now and then. If you’ve lost a fish hook recently, and worry whether fish hooks dissolve, look no further. The answer is ‘Yes’. Fishing hooks dissolve naturally if left in the mouths of fish, or even if ingested by the creatures. Fishing hooks dissolve … Read more