Dive into anything

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Dive into anything

My goldfish likes to play dead when I put the net in the tank Haha omg I’ve never seen that before. They aren’t dumb fish that’s for sure. Heads up though, a lot of goldfish keepers skip using nets and just pick up the fish when they need to. I’ve found it to be wayyyy … Read more

Do Neon Tetras Play Dead?

The world’s oceans are full of creatures that possess diverse, remarkable, even entertaining means of avoiding danger or finding prey. Cuttlefish use their color change abilities to escape hungry predators. Sea cucumbers are able to forcefully eject portions of their intestinal tract to frighten off famished ocean dwellers. The deep ocean pelagic shrimp, also known … Read more

Dead fish can swim

Dead fish can swim Dr Karl: G’day, Dr Karl here. Now this sounds weird, but fish that are dead can keep on swimming — and we accidently proved it with our little daughter. She wanted some fish in a fish tank, so of course, we got them. Everything went swimmingly for a while, with happy … Read more