How do big blue-water game fish swim so rapidly?

How do big blue-water game fish swim so rapidly? The majority of quick-moving fish are carangiform swimmers, including the Pacific bluefin tuna. For offshore fishing enthusiasts, understanding why fast game fish move so quickly and how they sustain their high-speed motion opens new vistas of appreciation for these highly evolved, finely tuned athletes that we … Read more

How Fish Swim

Eels and other snake-like varieties of fish swim by pushing themselves in a wave-like fashion through the water. Their movement through the water is similar to a snake moving on land. This is a relatively slow type of locomotion and a good deal of energy is needed to propel (move) the fish. Fish with streamlined … Read more

Swim bladder disease

Swim bladder disease Swim bladder disease, also called swim bladder disorder or flipover, is a common ailment in aquarium fish. The swim bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy, and thus to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in … Read more

How Do Fish Swim In Schools? Scientists Say It’s In Their Genes

How do fish swim in schools, effortlessly coordinating their every move? The answer appears to be ingrained in their genes. The genetic basis underlying the complex, social behavior of schooling is revealed in two studies published Sept. 12 in the journal Current Biology. The studies suggest that schooling is not a learned behavior, and instead … Read more

How do fish swim?

Nathan Hill reveals the many methods fish adopt in order to move and what they use to propel themselves. An eel slithers between rocks, a flick-frenzy of movement giving it the final drive into a tight crevice. A tang hangs static in the centre column as brazen cleaner wrasse dart over, nibbling parasite snacks. From … Read more

Why Do Fish Swim in Circles?

In Tulamben we often find a school of fish. This school of fish always swim in circles, but why? And who decides in which direction they swim? There are two types of groups of fish, schools and schoals. Schools are highly organised groups of fish, while schoals is a loosely aggregated group of fish. Some … Read more

How Fish Swim Primary Resource

How Fish Swim Primary Resource This primary resource features detailed yet easy-to-understand information and simple diagrams to explain how fish swim. Discover how the bodies of fish are adapted to keep afloat and move through the water. What’s the role of a fish’s pelvic fins and pectoral fins? Which organ helps sharks maintain their buoyancy? … Read more