The Fisher’s Scream

Until recently, I attributed the chilling screams that came out of the woods to fishers, or, as they’re often inaccurately called, “fisher cats.” It was a given—a truthful wives’ tale, a fun tidbit about a neighborhood critter. Fishers scream. You’ll never see them do it, but they do. I first learned of the fisher’s scream … Read more


Fishers Despite commonly being referred to as “fisher cats,” a fisher is not a feline nor do they catch fish. Fishers (Martes pennanti) are the second-largest member of the weasel family found in Massachusetts, after the North American River Otter. What is true about this shy and elusive mammal is its hunting prowess: fishers are … Read more

Fierce, Furry Fishers Are Expanding Their Range—and Bulk

Fierce, Furry Fishers Are Expanding Their Range—and Bulk Facing few predators in the northeastern U.S., these cousins of the weasel are back and bigger than ever, a new study finds. They’re fierce. They’re furry. They’re cousins to the weasel. And they could be coming to a suburb near you. According to a new study, fishers … Read more

Fisher cats: Animals that aren’t cats, nor are they really fishers

If the fisher cat isn’t the most inaccurately named animal in North America, it’s certainly up there. This weasel relative is not a cat, and it doesn’t care much for fishing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting creature in its own right. Also called fishers (Pekania pennanti), these small mammals live in forests … Read more