Ray-finned Fishes

Ray-finned Fishes Actinopterygii – ray-finned fishes Vertebrata; Gnathostomata; Osteichthyes; Actinopterygii The actinopterygians, or ray-finned fish, are one of the two major clades of bony fish (Osteichthyes), the other being the lobe-finned fish, or Sarcopterygians. The Chondrichthyes (cartilaginous fish) are the extant sister clade of the Osteichthyes. Below is a cladogram to show these relationships: Diversity … Read more

Fish SkeletonHình minh họa, Đồ họa Vectơ Trả phí Bản quyền Một lần & Đoạn phim Nghệ thuật

Video Quay lại Trang chủ video Bộ sưu tập Signature Bộ sưu tập Essentials Những tìm kiếm thịnh hành Video Mùa xuân Văn phòng Máy tính xách tay Phông nền Gia đình Tính bền vững Các danh mục phổ biến Video Video thiên nhiên Video công việc và nghề nghiệp Video khám phá Video thú … Read more

What Can Fishes Teach Us About Bone Formation? – Stepping Strong Center

What Can Fishes Teach Us About Bone Formation? There is a phenomenon that occurs in marine bony fishes that may hold information about bone formation that could help patients with skeletal deficiencies. The skeletons of numerous marine teleost fishes in a variety of families are characterized by a remarkable, expansive swelling of specific bones. In … Read more

Understanding skeletal disorders by studying fish

Diving deep: Understanding skeletal conditions with fish models From fragile ice fish deep in the Antarctic Ocean to flying fish gliding above the Caribbean sea, fish have evolved a fascinating variety of skeletal traits. These traits not only help them adapt to their environments, they are also providing genetic insights into rare human skeletal disorders. … Read more

Do deep-sea fishes have low-density bones? – Gerringer Lab

Habitat influences skeletal morphology and density in the snailfishes (family Liparidae) We tested the hypothesis that deep-sea fishes have poorly mineralized bone relative to shallower-dwelling species using data from a single family that spans a large depth range. The family Liparidae (snailfishes, Cottiformes) has representatives across the entire habitable depth range for bony fishes (0 … Read more