Toothy terror: Fish with human-like teeth found in Michigan

It’s like one of those unnerving YouTube videos come to life: You know the ones, where human mouths are superimposed on animals. But it’s creepily real. The South American red-bellied pacu, a popular aquarium fish with horrifically human-like teeth, has been pulled out of two separate bodies of water in Michigan, the state’s Department of … Read more

Haul of Fossil Fish Pushes Back the Origin of Teeth and Jaws

Haul of Fossil Fish Pushes Back the Origin of Teeth and Jaws The unexpected finds illustrate life during a critical and little-understood time period Our teeth and jaws are incredibly ancient. They’re older than dinosaurs, older than arms and legs, older than trees–adaptations that paleontologists have tracked to our distant, fishy relatives that thrived in … Read more

Man catches fish with human-like teeth, eats it and says ‘it is delicious’

A combo image shows the Sheepshead fish. Photo: Jennette’s Pier Gulf Today ReportAn American citizen caught a fish with human-like teeth in North Carolina, and the Internet has gone gaga over it.The fish is known as a Sheepshead fish, which has several rows of molars for crushing prey.A photo of the fish, which was shared … Read more