Frog Factors

Frog Factors By Mike Gannon For lots of people, their knowledge of frogs is limited to stories they’ve heard about them, from the biblical plagues of ancient Egypt to Mark Twin’s tale of a celebrated jumping frog in not-so-ancient California. For those who own ponds, however, frogs are a more familiar proposition – a stout … Read more

Do Frogs Eat Goldfish? (Frogs and Toads in Backyard Ponds) – Fishkeeping Forever

Do frogs eat goldfish in backyard ponds? Sometimes they do. Many frogs will eat whatever they can fit into their hungry little mouths, whether it be bugs, fish, or even other small animals. They can indeed consider goldfish prey -if the goldfish are sufficiently small. Larger goldfish should be safe, however. That is, unless a … Read more

Bill Monroe: Eat a frog, save a frog (or fish, pond turtle, etc.)

School reopening delayed? Kids need something different to do? Can’t keep up with popcorn salmon seasons? Water too warm for trout? The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has a great idea for how you can help the environment while enjoying social distancing at its best. Through social media, the department is producing a pond-to-table … Read more