‘Rugby-ball-sized’ goldfish taking over lakes after owners release pets into wild

‘Rugby-ball-sized’ goldfish taking over lakes after owners release pets into wild People are being urged not to release unwanted aquatic pets into lakes near Minneapolis after the startling discovery People have been urged not to release their unwanted goldfish in local lakes after discovering they can grow as big as a football. Officials at Burnsville, … Read more

Dive into anything

Hey guys, I’m starting to get bored of this layout and I want to do something new, what do you guys think I should add or replace? 50 goldfish? Ohhhh, aren’t thet aggressive like bettas tho? Especially when there’s spawning action? Thanks, would consider that. Cories, definitely they’re my favorite always have a school of … Read more

40 Fun Goldfish Facts

COMPREHENSIVE FACTS About Goldfish: A MUST Read! From Bizarre to WOW…it’ll surely raise an EYEBROW! From regal beginnings to a humble presence, the Goldfish has claimed the hearts of many pet lovers around the world! The planet earth holds almost 7.6 BILLION PEOPLE. Among the massive number of humans, there are 480 MILLION GOLDFISH. Are … Read more

6 Things to Do With Goldfish Crackers: Activities to Cure “I’m Bored”

Fine MotorMath & 123sPreschoolersKindergartners394 Comments Cure those boredom blues with these six fun things to do with Goldfish crackers – a total pantry staple! “I’m bored.” “Mom…this is boring.” These have become common phrases lately in our home. I’m welcoming them because being bored is definitely something kids need to learn to be. Being bored … Read more

All About Goldfish – How to Care for a Goldfish Fish at Home

The goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) is large freshwater fish that was originally native to China. Its ancient ancestor is believed to have been the Chinese Crucian carp, though recent research seems to indicate that they may actually be descended from Prussian carp. The goldfish is one of the oldest domesticated fish in the world, with … Read more