Do Goldfish Need Friends? – Everything you need to know

Goldfish are wonderful aquarium pets. Goldfish are sociable animals, therefore many people ask whether they require tankmates or can live alone. This article examines goldfish social behavior and if they require friendship to survive. Do goldfish need friends? Goldfish may or may not need friends because they can easily live alone if given food and … Read more

Do Goldfish Need a Friend? Goldfish Socialization Guide

Hello, fellow goldfish owners! Do you ever wonder about do goldfish need a friend? Are you considering getting a friend for your little fishy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As humans, we love socializing with others and building relationships, and it turns out that goldfish are no different. Goldfish are actually social creatures … Read more

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Just wondering. Do goldfish need a goldfish friend or can they live happily alone? Yeah goldfish would be happier in pairs or in a group if you can do that. They’re pretty social and lone goldfish are usually more skittish and shy. At least from personal experience, I’ve definitely seen some goldfish keepers have a … Read more