Snail diseases and problems

Diseases Growth related problems Irregular growth of the shell Figure 1. Shell-growth problem due to damaged mantle edge (Pomacea diffusa). Figure 2. Severe shell-growth problem with exposed tissues (Pomacea diffusa). Figure 3. A Marisa cornuarietis snail with completely deformed shell. The most common cause for shell deformation is a temporary arrest in the shell growth. … Read more

Chinese and Banded Mystery Snails: What’s the mystery? » Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

Every month, we will put a spotlight on an aquatic invasive species (AIS) in a re-occurring monthly article. Check it out! This month, we highlight two similar AIS! Chinese and Banded Mystery Snails Chinese (Cipangopaludina chinensis) and Banded (Viviparus georgianus) mystery snails are very similar in terms of their life histories and impacts as invasive … Read more

Mystery Snail Shell Deterioration: Main Causes And Solutions

If you notice something on your mystery snail’s shell, it could be experiencing a mystery snail shell deterioration. Shell deterioration is a sign of poor health for the snail. The shell looks thin and like it’s peeling. This article will explain what shell deterioration is, the causes, and the solution. Contents Causes of Mystery Snail … Read more

Ivory Mystery Snails (Quantity Discounts)(4-9 $3.79)(10+ $2.99)

Black Mystery Snails (Quantity Discounts) (4 – 9 $3.79) ( 10+ $2.99) Freshwater Snails Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount IVORY MYSTERY SNAILS: Mystery snails (Pomacea Bridgesii) are probably the most popular freshwater snail in the aquarium hobby. Not only are they easy to … Read more

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