The Algae Eater Debate

Algae eaters are often considered the solution to algae in the aquarium. Algae is a common problem to many people, especially in newly set up aquariums. A frequent “answer” to this is to go to the aquarium shop and ask for “a fish that cleans up the algae” or an “algae eater”. This is something … Read more

Will Plecos Eat Other Fish?

Since Plecos are what’s known as opportunistic omnivores, they can comfortably live on both plant and animal matter. In other words, they’ll eat other fish, but only when the opportunity allows for it — like when the fish is dead in the tank. However, they prefer plants and algae. So, with that in mind, this … Read more

Do Plecos Eat Other Fish? (And What Fish Are Compatible with Them?)

Hypostomus plecostomus or the common suckermouth catfish are sometimes known as plecos to avoid the mouthful of their Latin moniker and the length of their colloquial name. There is quite a lot of anxiety among new aquarium owners who think that their plecos might be eating their other aquarium fish. Hypostomus plecostomus or common suckermouth … Read more

Do Plecos Eat Plants? (+ 11 Ways To Stop Your Pleco From Eating Plants)

Pleco fish are amazing animals and very interesting for aquarists. However, one of the most common questions among plecos owners is do plecos eat plants? Although it’s not common behavior, certain pleco species do eat plants. Only a select few herbivorous species are known to eat live plants. Some plants are more likely to be … Read more