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What to Feed Shrimp and Snails

Shrimp and snails are both great additions to a community aquarium. They’re the perfect size for your fish, and they’re entertaining to watch. First of all, it’s important to know that shrimp and snails don’t eat the same things. Shrimp are scavengers, they’ll eat just about anything they can find in your tank, including plants … Read more

8 Common Fish that Eat Snails but Not Shrimp

Aquariums often have various invertebrates, such as shrimp and snails. However, hitchhiker snails are known to reproduce quickly and damage the aquarium ecosystem. Fortunately, several fish species will happily eat these pest snails and their eggs but not the shrimp. Given below are fish species that eat snails but not shrimp. 1. African Cichlids African … Read more

Ghost Shrimp Eat Snails

Well, it’s no surprise especially after I reported the large female (now berried) snacking on the crushed snail I couldn’t remove off a plant once. I’ve seen taken to crushing the larger pond snails. I crushed a breeding pair while doing the dirty deed and the large female was quick to run off with the … Read more

Bamboo Shrimp: Tank Mates, Food, Care, Feeding – Video

A very common freshwater aquarium shrimp is the Bamboo Shrimp, also known as Wood Shrimp, Asian Filter Feeding Shrimp, Singapore Shrimp, Singapore Wood Shrimp, Singapore Flower Shrimp, Fan Shrimp, Flower Shrimp and Atyopsis moluccensis. Bamboo Shrimp are native to Southeast Asia and can be a very interesting aquarium shrimp in a tank. Bamboo Shrimp are … Read more

8 Fish That Eat Snails But Not Shrimp Aquarists Should Know

Due to their rapid reproduction, specific freshwater snails, such as bladder snails, may become a problem in aquariums. These crawlers frequently sneak into tanks on decorative items and aquatic plants without being detected. How to deal with these creatures which share the same tank with shrimp? It’s a great idea to add fish that eat … Read more

What Do Aquarium Snails Eat? (The Complete Guide)

Aquarium snails are popular among aquarists as they help keep aquarium clean of algae, extra fish food, and even dead plants. So, what do aquarium snails eat? Aquarium snails eat algae, dead plant matter, bits of fish food, bloodworms, brine shrimps, fruits, blanched vegetables like lettuce, kale, zucchini, and many other foods. What aquarium snails … Read more

Dive into anything

Hello Fellow Shrimp Keepers/Breeders do you think Assassin Snails kill Shrimps ? Whats your opinion on it ? I think an assassin snail would readily eat any already dead shrimp it comes across, but they aren’t nearly fast enough to catch them. Here’s my opinion, I believe Assassin Snails will only attack/kill shrimps during these … Read more