Snails have feelings too!

The snails who lived in Mrs Mondliwa’s garden were very unhappy. “I’VE HAD IT!” grumbled Slimy Snail. “Me too,” agreed Speedy, his best friend. “Why can’t we snails be liked more by the other garden bugs?” “I’m fed up with all of this bad treatment,” continued Slimy. “Yeah, what’s wrong with us?” asked Speedy. “I … Read more

Do Invertebrates Have Feelings?

Intelligent Design Neuroscience & Mind Do Invertebrates Have Feelings? People did not ask this question about invertebrates like bees and snails fifty years ago: Decades ago, scientists and lawmakers had all but reached a consensus that invertebrates could not feel pain, let alone other emotions like joy or fear. Recently, however, evidence is mounting that … Read more

Giant invasive snails which can give humans deadly meningitis ‘completely wiped out’

Giant snails that can infect humans with a deadly disease have been eradicated from Florida for the second time. The invasive species is ‘one of the most damaging’ snails in the world as it chomps through at least 500 different types of plants and has no predator, says Florida’s Department of Agriculture. To tackle the … Read more

Were they making a quick getaway? Deadly giant SNAILS are found at busy London bus stop

Deadly giant 8-inch giant African SNAILS are found abandoned at busy London bus stop The Giant African land snails were spotted roaming near London Bridge railway They had been abandoned in a cardboard box near a bus stop before escaping Species of snail can carry deadly parasites and can cause meningitis in humans The potentially … Read more