Sea Turtle Diet — SEE Turtles

What Do Sea Turtles Eat? What a sea turtle eats depends upon the species. Some are omnivores, eating a variety of plants and animals, while the hawksbill and the leatherback are specialists, subsisting primarily of sponges (hawksbills) and jellyfish (leatherbacks). Hawksbills for example, are mainly found on and around coral reefs where their main prey … Read more

How do sea turtles eat jellyfish without getting stung? • Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

If someone were to ask you what sea turtles eat, how would you answer? Do they eat small fishes? Or sea planktons? Are they herbivores or carnivores? Or perhaps they are omnivorous? Well, there is no definite answer. There are seven answers, just like how there are seven species of sea turtles in our oceans. … Read more

Do Turtles Eat Fish? Know Your Pet Turtle Food Better!

FOR AGES 3 YEARS TO 18 YEARS Almost all species of turtles are omnivores and feed on aquatic animals. Turtles and tortoises are frequently misidentified as animal species, this includes their diet food. Turtles and tortoises have different features along with their habitat. Turtles are aquatic reptile species that are known for being cold-blooded animal … Read more