How To Make Your Own DIY Aquarium Driftwood

Driftwood is an important part of many aquatic ecosystems and offers food and protection for an abundance of water-, air-, and land-dwelling creatures. Many hobbyists like to bring these little slices of nature into their home aquariums to offer their fish and invertebrates the same natural benefits. However, introducing untreated wood and rocks into an … Read more

The Hardscape Guide to Spider Wood Driftwood (Azalea Root)

One of my favourite aspects of designing a terrarium is the hardscape. The combination of selection and placement is key in bringing a dynamic scene to life, and when it comes to organic hardscape – nothing does that better than Spider Wood. Honestly, Spider Wood (Spiderwood) is to hardscapes what butter is to bread. (Because, … Read more

3 Ways to Clean Driftwood

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How Long Should You Boil Driftwood for Your Aquarium

Who doesn’t want decorating their Aquarium luxuriously? Why don’t you decorate your Aquarium with driftwood? Indeed, a few enthusiasts use sunken ships in the Aquarium so that it looks more aesthetic. The driftwood is a realistic option and has been very popular throughout the people day by day. However, the process of adding driftwood inside … Read more