How To Soften Aquarium Water – 5 Safe & Effective Methods

How does hard water play a role in fishkeeping? Is it worth looking into how to soften aquarium water? You can soften aquarium water by reducing the concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. This process involves either deionization, chemical filtration, or peat moss/driftwood water softening. We’ll get into the most efficient ways to soften aquarium … Read more

Do I Need To Add Salt to My Freshwater Aquarium? – Fish Caring Basics

Most people, unless you have a lot of money, have freshwater aquariums in their homes. Saltwater set-ups and the fish that go in them can be very expensive to start and maintain. Freshwater is naturally occurring water. It has a low concentration of dissolved solids and salt. It is not from the sea but lakes, … Read more

Easy Steps to Increasing Your Aquarium Water Hardness

Easy Steps to Increasing Your Aquarium Water Hardness Some people might not know it, but the hardness of your aquarium water is a very important factor in determining how well fish and aquatic plants can survive. You can increase your aquarium water hardness by adding crushed coral, using hard tap water, or by using remineralization … Read more

Is Aquarium Salt Safe For Plants? (Which Plants Can Tolerate Salt?) – JalJeev

Salt is effective in curing a variety of freshwater fish diseases. Salt can improve gill function and provide electrolytes that aid in peak coloration and vitality in your fish. The problem is when you introduce salt to your planted aquarium. Is aquarium salt safe for plants? Aquarium salt is not safe for plants and can … Read more

How to Lower GH in Aquarium & Reduce General Hardness

Our final chapter in our beginner’s guide to water chemistry covers GH. GH is essentially the hardness of your water. And today, I’m going to teach you everything about it. at a glance: MAINTAINING GH LEVELS Test Kit: API Test Kit Drip Acclimator: Innovative Marine Accudrip Acclimator Water Remineralizer: Seachem Replenish 500ml Seachem Equilibrium 600gram … Read more

All About Aquarium Water Hardness (And How to Lower — and Increase It)

Thank you for visiting! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon and other stores/partners are affiliate links. Aquarium Store Depot earns a commission if you make a purchase. Do you know the difference between hard and soft water? Aquarium water chemistry can be pretty intimidating for beginner fish … Read more