Beneficial Bacteria in the Aquarium

There are several general types of beneficial bacteria involved in oxidizing ammonia to relatively safe nitrate in the freshwater aquarium. Scientists call these organisms “nitrifying” bacteria and archaea. We will use the term “beneficial bacteria” for both the nitrifying bacteria and the nitrifying archaea. Below in this article, we try to explain the complex science … Read more

Aquarium Salt: How to Use It Properly for Treating Sick Fish

Aquarium Salt: When and How to Use It Properly Should aquarium salt be used in freshwater tanks? Some people recommend dosing it all the time to provide fish with essential electrolytes, while others say it’s mostly used for treating diseases. After years of testing with hundreds of fish, we’ve witnessed the true power of salt. … Read more

Using Salt in the Freshwater Aquarium

Some hobbyists religiously use salt in fresh-water set-ups. The claim is a noticeable health improvement of certain fish. Further benefits include the ease of stress, reducing osmotic pressure, inhibition of nitrite uptake, promoting the slime coat, and helping in healing wounds. The salt recommended should be free of additives such as iodine. It is claimed … Read more

Coast Gem USA | The Benefits of Aquarium Salt

Aquarium Salt is used both inside and outside the freshwater aquariums. Most of the hobbyist use aquarium salt as a crude medication to deal with various parasites infections and diseases. Further benefits of aquarium salt include reducing osmotic pressure, helping in healing wounds, minimizing stress, prevention of nitrite poisoning, the preventive measure against various parasitic … Read more