How Barometric Pressure Affects Bass Fishing: best pressure to fish

What is Barometric Pressure? Barometric pressure is the measurement of air pressure in the atmosphere (atmospheric pressure). To look at it more simply, it’s the weight of the air that’s pressing on everything on earth. In this article I’ll show you the affects that barometric pressure and bass fishing have, and why you should watch … Read more

What Is the Best Barometric Pressure for Fishing?

Before you go fishing, you probably check the weather forecast to learn about specific conditions such as temperature, wind, and rainfall. Don’t forget to monitor the barometric pressure. If you overlook the barometric pressure forecast, you may miss vital information that can help you predict how active the fish will be. Paying attention to barometric … Read more

Understanding your Barometer. 5 top tips to catch you more fish!

Knowledge makes an angler. More than luck, it is knowledge that guarantees an epic fishing trip. Most anglers have good knowledge of their own fisheries. Being able to cross-reference their knowledge regarding fish behaviour for each weather type with all the available technology including a barometer on the market will not only save you time … Read more

Does Barometric Pressure Affect Ice Fishing? (3 Surprising Facts)

How Does Weather Affect Ice Fishing, And What Barometric Pressure is Best? UPDATED 08 FEBRUARY 2023 by Robert Ceran Are you wondering if fish underneath a thick layer of ice are sensitive to barometric pressure? And if yes, what barometric pressure is best for ice fishing? Here’s the quick answer: Since barometric pressure changes are … Read more