Dog owners urged to stay away from lake as toxic blue-green algae kills hundreds of fish

Dog walkers are being urged to steer clear of a popular lake, after toxic blue-green algae is suspected to have wiped out hundreds of fish. The Environment Agency said it was investigating reports of around 200 dead fish found at Herrington Country Park in Sunderland. Environmental officers believe this was caused by a bloom in … Read more

Cyanobacteria in Aquarium: How to get rid of Blue Green Algae in Planted Tank

How to Get Rid of Blue-Green Algae? Written by: Author: Alina Andreeva Alina A. is a professional writer, editor, and pet-lover. She has published over 50 articles on how to care for pets properly. Alina has been writing articles for 3 years, so she has considerable experience in this niche. Her natural curiosity helps her … Read more

Blue green algae may have caused fish kill in Lake Champlain

Algae bloom. Photo: Lake George Waterkeeper Sep 04, 2012 — Blue-green algae blooms in Lake Champlain have intensified with late summer heat. Rouses Point, Missisquoi Bay, and North Beach in Burlington all issued warnings last week, and scientists say the algae blooms may have triggered a fish kill several weeks ago in Missisquoi Bay. On … Read more

Avoid Harmful Algae and Cyanobacteria

Avoid Harmful Algae and Cyanobacteria Harmful algae and cyanobacteria, sometimes called blue-green algae, can produce toxins (poisons) that can make people and animals sick and affect the environment. Learn more about them to keep you, your family, and your pets safe. Algae and cyanobacteria are simple, plant-like organisms that live in water. Algae and cyanobacteria … Read more

Blue-Green Algae in your Pond: Warning Signs and Solutions – Nualgi Ponds

This article discusses the dangers of blue-green algae in your pond, water garden, river, lake, and other waterways. Warning signs of blue-green algae and common causes, as well as solutions for pond algae control. What exactly is Blue-Green Algae? Ironically, blue-green algae isn’t even technically algae at all; the term actually refers to cyanobacteria. Being … Read more

Blue-Green Algae in Lakes Is Killing Dogs, Here’s What to Know

Toxic cyanobacteria aka blue-green algae is primarily a concern during the summer months, when it can be found in small lakes or ponds. The organism varies in color and symptoms can start appearing in dogs within minutes to hours, causing brain, liver, and kidney damage. It’s important to rinse off dogs after swimming and carefully … Read more