Is Mono or Braid Better For Surf Fishing ? • Fish From Beach

Is Mono or Braid Better For Surf Fishing ? Deciding whether to use braid or mono for surf fishing is a difficult and challenging task. Different surf anglers and shore fishing guides will recommend different line materials. Some will say that braid is the best for beach fishing because it offers good sensitivity and a … Read more

Top ten things you need to know about Braid

Do you want a braid with all the qualities required to successfully unlock the full potential offered by soft-plastic lures? If so, read on, as Mark Kitteridge’s second instalment details his own hunt for the perfect soft-baiting braid. Yes, I’m looking for that braid with everything – even though achieving this will mean having to … Read more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Braided Fishing Line

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Years ago nearly all fishing line was braided line made mostly of Dacron. Newer braided lines, made of synthetic materials, now offer many advantages to fisherman. In today’s completive market these lines are continuing to be improved, and braided line has become very popular in the bass fishing community and offers many … Read more

Braid vs. Mono for Catfish

By experimenting with different types of lines, you’ll begin to realize how each performs in different situations and improve your catfish game. June 24, 2021 By Steve Ryan Anglers have debated the merits of monofilament versus polyethylene-spun braided lines for the better part of three decades. Early versions of low-stretch high-tensile-strength braids had enough flaws … Read more

What Is Braided Fishing Line? And Why You Should Use It?

Braided lines have been around in various forms for many years. Current technology and modern synthetic materials have significantly improved braided lines of the past. I believe that every angler needs to have at least one rod loaded with braid in their arsenal. The odds are good that this line will quickly become your favourite. … Read more


150yd Spool of Yellow Platypus Super Braid Braided Fishing Line Make 4 interest-free payments of $6.74 fortnightly and receive your order now. In Stock PLATYPUS SUPER BRAID Since the release of Super Braid, Platypus has had requests from anglers around the country asking for a slightly stiffer and coloured braid. In response Platypus has recently … Read more