Enormous pigeon-eating catfish wreaking havoc on Europe’s ecosystems

The first time Frédéric Santoul witnessed the voracious feeding habits of Europe’s largest freshwater fish, he was standing on a medieval bridge in Albi, a town in southern France. On a small island below, in the Tarn River, pigeons wandered about, oblivious to the group of wels catfish moving near the gravel bank. Suddenly a … Read more

Are Blue Catfish Good To Eat? Interesting Facts That Will Surprise You!

Let’s get it straight – are Blue Catfish good to eat? Or should you skip it? You’ve probably heard of catfish as somewhat mud-tasting. Yet, there is something quite fascinating about these fish species. But what about Blue Catfish? Are they actually a delicacy as some people assume, or are they actually not suitable to … Read more