Cold Water Conundrum: How does unusually cold water affect fish growth?

Paper: Michie, Laura E., et al. “Effects of suboptimal temperatures on larval and juvenile development and otolith morphology in three freshwater fishes: implications for cold water pollution in rivers.” Environmental Biology of Fishes (2020): 1-14. A story of cold water pollution Anthropogenic, or human caused, climate change is increasing water temperatures throughout the world. … Read more

Cold Water, Hot Action for Crappie

Finding crappie holes in the winter could take considerable searching without good electronics. (Shutterstock image) February 25, 2019 By John N. Felsher With hunting seasons winding down, many sportsmen sit out February. However, if they stay away from the water too long, they could miss some of the hottest crappie action all year, figuratively speaking. … Read more