Fish Sauce Is a Healthier Way to Get Your Salt Fix, Says Study

Ingredients Condiments Fish Sauce Is a Healthier Way to Get Your Salt Fix, Says Study Fish sauce is the low-sodium solution. By Justine Sterling Justine Sterling Justine Sterling is a New York-based writer and editor specializing in food, wine, and spirits. Food & Wine’s Editorial Guidelines Updated on May 24, 2017 Share Tweet Pin Email … Read more

Vegetarian Fish Sauce

If you’re a vegetarian interested in experimenting with Thai cuisine, then you will have to find an alternative to fish sauce. It’s in almost every dish and is really essential to imparting the salty element of the four flavours of Thai cuisine: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. However, it’s more than just a salty taste … Read more

The sauces and marinades that contain up to TEN TIMES the salt concentration of sea water

Revealed: The sauces and marinades sold in supermarkets that contain up to TEN TIMES the amount of salt as sea water Investigation found sauces had almost entire daily salt intake in one teaspoon Action on Salt looked at salt content of 350 condiments on supermarket shelves Found 38% of them extremely high in the mineral … Read more

Gluten Free Fish Sauce

Is Fish Sauce Gluten Free? Fish sauce should be naturally gluten free, but some brands sneak in some gluten-containing ingredients. If you want to be sure that you are choosing a gluten free fish sauce brand, check the list below before you buy. Fish sauce is simply fermented fish, which should only include the following … Read more