How Do Fishes Sleep in an Aquarium?

Here’s an interesting fact about fish. Fish don’t have eyelids. They can’t close their eyes even if they wanted to. So the question is, do fish sleep? Yes, they do. Most animals on land, mammals, birds, and reptiles, sleep. Its been scientifically proven that sleep enables bodies to: Recuperate by repairing worn-out tissues. Process new … Read more

Cave Fish Insomnia

Most humans sleep their eight hours or so at night, rather than during the daylight hours. But how much would we sleep if it were always dark and had been for eons? We can’t answer this for humans, but we now can for fish. There are over 100 known species of cave dwelling fishes that … Read more

Do fish sleep?

Do fish sleep? Do fish sleep? This is an interesting question. There is still so much study to be done on this topic, not a whole lot is known about fish sleep. Fish do not sleep in the same way as us humans. Firstly, fish do not have eye lids so there is no way … Read more

Do Fish Sleep?

Fish do sleep and they have a type of sleep that is similar to the sleep of other animals. Fish can fall into a deep sleep and they can also enter into a state of torpor. In deep sleep, fish are completely unresponsive and they will not wake up even if you touch them. Torpor … Read more

How do Fish Sleep?

How do Fish Sleep? As they can’t close their eyes, how do fish sleep?& We find out in this Question of the Week.& Plus, we ask if magnetism can really stop limescale from sticking to your pipes… In this episode 00:00 – Why don’t fish have eyelids? Why don’t fish have eyelids? We put this … Read more