Recent study shows trout fishing during low water and high temperatures does not harm trout populations

Last summer was particularly dry and hot in much of Idaho, renewing concerns among some trout anglers about fishing when water temperatures climb. Anglers are often concerned that maybe they shouldn’t be fishing on the hottest days for fear that they might be reducing trout populations, but a recent study on Idaho rivers during a … Read more

Do fish feel pain?

Do fish feel pain? Fish do not feel pain the way humans do. That is the conclusion drawn by an international team of researchers consisting of neurobiologists, behavioural ecologists and fishery scientists. One contributor to the landmark study was Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus of the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries and of … Read more

Opinion: Fish are caught in the middle of the catch-and-release debate

A guide prepares to release a salmon caught in B.C.’s Great Bear Rain Forest in 2006.John Lehmann/Globe and Mail Mark Hume is a former national correspondent for The Globe and Mail and a Vancouver-based writer whose books include River of the Angry Moon and Trout School. His latest, Reading the Water, will be published next … Read more

The Outdoor Narrative: Do fish really feel pain as do we humans?

It was a glaring headline, the kind that immediately makes you take notice, especially if you’re an angler. Fish can feel pain in similar way to humans, study concludes, read the headline on the online site for the Independent, a British newspaper. Research shows fish exhibit symptoms such as hyper-ventilating and behavioural changes, a sub-head … Read more