Dose Hydrogen Peroxide direct to your display tank

Joined Mar 5, 2019 Messages 110 Reaction score 14 Review score +0 /0 /-0 Hello R2R,Can you dose Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) direct to your reef display tank? Invertebrates, fish, and corals are safe? I’ve been fighting dino and cyano bacteria for several months. I had been doing weekly water changed, used chemiclean, and replace filter … Read more

How To Kill Algae With Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

WARNING! Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a strong oxidizer and corrosive at the concentrations mentioned below. Using hydrogen peroxide via the methods laid out on this page can cause the death of your corals and livestock. It can also cause damage to you personally, including severve burns and blindness. You should never use H202 near children … Read more

Purple Algae in Fish Tanks – What Can You Do About It?

Algae are the curse of the aquarium keeper, often covering the viewing panes, decorations, and plants in the tank with a slimy coating that ruins the aesthetic of your aquascape. In this article, we focus on two types of purple algae, one of which affects saltwater tanks and one afflicting freshwater environments. One of these … Read more

How to Remove Bubble Algae in Aquariums

The infestation of Bubble algae is definitely one of the worst scenarios you can encounter in a heavily stocked reef aquarium. Bubble algae exist as unicellular organisms with spherical or elongated fluid-filled thallus or thalli. They are usually green in color; pale/light green to emerald or dark green, a red species of bubble algae also … Read more

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Coralline Algae?

Do you often encounter coralline algae on the glass of your saltwater aquarium? The encrusting purple algae can grow and cover your powerheads, rocks, and everything else. Many reef keepers desire it for its natural look, but it can block your view of your colorful inhabited aquarium. A study published in 2010 researched growth factors … Read more