Community Fish Tanks: Compatible Fish

FISH / new pets Community Fish Care Guide Tips for non-aggressive community tanks Overview 3 things to know about your community fish “Community fish” describes non-aggressive species that can share an aquarium peacefully Fish in this category include the guppy, platy, molly, dwarf gourami, tetra and others Community fish don’t necessarily come from the same … Read more

Betta fish Price at PetSmart

Diet: Flake, Frozen, Freeze-dried Maximum size: 1″ Water temperature: 72-82&deg F Swimming level: Bottom Experience level: Beginner Tank Setup: 1+ gallons lightly planted Ghost shrimp, also known as “glass shrimp” due to their transparent bodies, are an interesting addition to your tropical aquarium. They are bottom swimmers and walk along plant life collecting small particles … Read more

PetSmart Canada stops selling fish, cites federal oversight and invasive species

PetSmart confirms they have stopped selling aquarium fish at most of their Canadian stores, in the interim, over concerns due to an invasive species that threatens the Canadian environment. A note posted at the Kelowna, B.C. store states fish sales have been curtailed due to Canada Fisheries and Oceans restrictions and to “help prevent the … Read more

Pet Fish – Live Shrimp, Barb, Goldfish, Minnows, Betta & Cichlids

Time to start shopping! 2 Sizes Comet Goldfish Old Price $0.20 – 0.36(625) Rosy Red Minnow Old Price $0.20(139) GloFish® Galactic Purple Tetra Old Price $9.99(49) Electric Yellow Labidochromis African Cichlid Old Price $10.99(56) Cory Catfish Old Price $4.49(83) Cory Catfish Old Price $4.99(81) Crowntail Male Betta Fish Old Price $7.99(268) Female Betta Fish Old … Read more