Phryne Fisher is back – and the divine detective is in excellent form

By Sue Turnbull And she’s back. The intrepid, hedonistic, divine Miss Phryne Fisher has returned for her 22nd adventure (not forgetting the short stories). While it’s hard not to picture her as Essie Davis in the TV series, the Phryne of Kerry Greenwood’s books has a far more interesting love life. Apparently, when it came … Read more

My own little corner of the world: Detective Inspector Jack Robinson

“You might as well call me Jack. Everyone else does.”~ Jack Robinson, Murder on the Ballarat Train, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Vemod is a Swedish word that is not exactly easy to translate into English. It can best be described as an underlying, longing sadness. A sadness that is actually rather positive how strangely as … Read more

Phryne Fisher

Phryne Fisher is the lead character in the Australian series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. She is the main character in the novel Phryne Fisher by Kerry Greenwood. Actress Essie Davis plays Miss Fisher on the television series. Overview Described as an independent, glamorous and unflappable lady detective, Phryne Fisher is the leading character of … Read more

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Murder and Mozzarella Recap “Murder and Mozzarella,” episode 3 in season 3 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, was an exciting episode. It featured some noncompliant suspects, Australia’s version of the mafia, and a long-running family feud over passion and food. But, equally importantly, it featured a lot of Jack-appreciation. (Ahem, I mean more importantly. I … Read more

‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Season 3 Finale Recap: “Death Do Us Part”

‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Season 3 Finale Recap: “Death Do Us Part” Though fans hoped a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Season 4 could occur, this final episode feels like the writers knew they were wrapping it up, starting with the only “last time on Miss Fisher” precap of the entire series. Then it drops into … Read more

Q&A with Essie Davis, star of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Q&A with Essie Davis, star of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Look out, United States, the Honourable Miss Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher is coming to America. While Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries may not make you immediately abdicate your allegiance to Sherlock, it is, without a doubt, worth checking out in the coming months on public television. … Read more

7 Life Lessons From Phryne Fisher Of ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’

Look, if you’ve followed my work before you know that I love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which is currently re-airing on WGBX 44 Thursdays at 8pm. I’ve written about absolute goddess Essie Davis’ filmography, and the explosive chemistry between the show’s leading power couple. Let’s be real: any time I get a chance to write … Read more