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The red snapper is considered as a game fish since they are struggling a lot when being caught by the gear. Not to mention the size of the snapper and its vibrant appearance can make a beautiful trophy. It is also regarded as one of the most popular fish to be consumed by many people … Read more

Groundbreaking breeding programme established for Pacific red snapper

© Earth Ocean Farms The customised programme is the first of its kind for Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) and aims to assist Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) to select for specific traits in the snapper stock that show higher yields through improved growth and phenotypic traits. The elements of the selection include insights into feed … Read more

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💥 SAVE $479: EARLY BIRD ENROLLMENT IS OPEN for the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification. This week only. 💥 SAVE $479 on the new Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification—This week only. Snapper, with its confident metallic pink hue, mohawk-like dorsal fin, and rows of sharpened needle teeth, gives off an intimidating impression. And indeed, this carnivorous fish … Read more


RED SNAPPER How to identify a Red Snapper The pinkish to red color and sharply pointed anal fin (rather than rounded) distinguishes the red snapper from most other Gulf of Mexico snappers. The snout is long and triangular and the eyes are a distinctive red. Adults have no dark lateral spot, but juveniles have a … Read more

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Video Quay lại Trang chủ video Bộ sưu tập Signature Bộ sưu tập Essentials Những tìm kiếm thịnh hành Video Viêm Da Các danh mục phổ biến Video Video thiên nhiên Video công việc và nghề nghiệp Video khám phá Video thú cưng và động vật Video kinh doanh Video khoa học Đồ họa hoạt … Read more

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Room for debate Over the last 200 years, some 380 species of snapper have been identified and assigned portentous Latin names, but most of these had already been discovered and named by someone else, usually Achille Valenciennes and George Cuvier who, starting in 1828, published the 20 volume Histoire Naturelle des Poissons pinning down 2,000 … Read more