Smoked Salmon vs. Lox: What’s the Difference?

You say potato, I say po-tah-to, but when we say “lox,” do we really mean smoked salmon? That tends to be the case among all but the most experienced deli-goers, says Ellen Lee-Allen, senior marketing manager of Brooklyn’s Acme Smoked Fish, which supplies smoked salmon to some of New York City’s most hallowed delis, Russ … Read more

Tips For Smoking Your Fresh Trout

Smoking trout can be a delicious way to preserve and consume your catch, but fish smoked without proper salting and cooking can cause foodborne illness—it can even be lethal. Many dangerous bacteria can and will grow under the conditions normally found in the preparation and storage of smoked fish. Clostridium botulinum is the most notorious … Read more

Smoked fish, part 1

Old product with new appeal offers enhanced taste, shelf life Smoked fish, arguably one of the oldest of all processed fish products, continues to increase in popularity. Traditional smoked favorites include chub, whitefish, haddock, cod and kippers, but new species, including many from aquaculture, are now available in the marketplace. Some of the new finfish … Read more

How Long Can You Keep Smoked Salmon in the Fridge?

Salmon is commonly hot smoked or cured through a brining method. Both methods preserve the fish very well and will add to its lengthy shelf life, although the varying methods produce different textures and tastes in the fish. Although packaging allows some smoked salmon to be preserved for years, even without refrigeration, opening the seal … Read more

Browne’s Boutique Smoke Room & the Art of Cold Smoking

Blog Browne’s Boutique Smoke Room & the Art of Cold Smoking Smoking Seafood at Browne Trading For centuries, fishermen across the world utilized curing to preserve the excess catch that could not be consumed fresh. While this was done under different conditions, the fundamental steps and formulas remain the same. Over the years Browne refined … Read more

Hampshire Smoked Trout Fillets

Freshly hot smoked trout fillet in 5 different pack sizes, tail 50-99g, tail/back 100-124g, back/middle 125-149g, back/middle 150-174g, kama/front 175-200g. £3.30 – £8.80 We use Hampshire trout caught in the gin crystal clear chalk stream waters of Hampshire’s nutrient-rich rivers to make our smoked fillets. We prepare and pin bone the side of trout, then … Read more

What is listeria and how does it spread in smoked salmon?

Two people in Victoria and New South Wales have died after eating smoked salmon contaminated with listeria, health authorities report. Both were over 70 and had underlying health conditions. Health authorities are also investigating a non-fatal Queensland case. Although Australia’s chief medical officer has not confirmed smoked salmon is behind these three cases, he says … Read more