Target Audience 101: How To Reach Them And Stay Connected

By John Rampton, founder of Palo Alto, California-based Calendar, a company helping your calendar be much more productive. getty Reaching your desired target audience isn’t always the easiest thing brands do. With the right amount of knowledge on current trends, business competition, personalization techniques and communication strategies, you’re looking at a competitive advantage over other … Read more

Fish are evolving to escape modern fishing techniques. This is what it means

Fish are evolving to escape modern fishing techniques. This is what it means Modern fishing gear has been developed to specifically target groups of schooling species. Image: REUTERS/Amit Dave Explore and monitor how Agriculture, Food and Beverage is affecting economies, industries and global issues Get involved with our crowdsourced digital platform to deliver impact at … Read more

How Much Does A Montana Fishing License Cost? (Full Guide)

Montana is an ideal fishing destination with more than 338 fishing sites. The fishing sites include lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs. However, you need to follow all fishing regulations and fees you can view on the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Website. To fish in Montana, you need a Montana Fishing License, Conservation License, and … Read more

After repeated ATF warnings, gun dealers can count on the agency to back off; sometimes firearms flow to criminals

Illustrations: Andrea Brunty, USA TODAY Network Illustrations: Andrea Brunty, USA TODAY Network On Main Street in Man, West Virginia, a woman marched through the front door of Uncle Sam’s Loans, a cavernous pawn shop packed with hunting bows, fishing lures and camping supplies for the residents of this small Appalachian town. Behind the counter hung … Read more