How Big do Guppies Grow in Size?

Guppy fish that are offered enough space, the right water parameters and a high-quality diet, will develop into beautiful and healthy adults. While guppy fish size can be largely dependent on genetic factors, the external factors I mentioned will also contribute to their growth. Guppy fish kept under the right conditions and with a good … Read more

How Big Do Tiger Barbs Get? What Tank Size Do They Need

The feisty Tiger Barbs is very popular among many fish enthusiasts. It can be quite amusing to watch them play with their friends, and zipping around in the tank. They are full of energy, but this can sometimes prove to be a disadvantage when keeping slow-moving fishes with them. Beside that, they are also renowned … Read more

How tank sizes and living conditions can affect fish

The long-term impact that incorrect care can have on fish, even if they appear ‘fine’ in the short-term, can be quite significant. Unfortunately, most people often only discover this when the short term has become the long term and they are faced with problems, often not realising the origin of these problems. It can be … Read more

Bowl or fish tank: A complete guide of fish in home offices

After we have the necessary items for our small business, we probably like to create a more personalised and comfy workplace for us. An aquarium is a great option since it improves our well-being by calming us down and reducing stress. It has proved scientifically that watching a fish tank reduces heart rate and blood … Read more

What effect does the tank size or water volume have on fish growth rate?

Does the tank size or water volume affect their growth rate? Last year, I attended the Aquavet II course in the USA. I learnt that the most recent research finding for recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is that the “partitioned aquaculture system” (PAS) may improve yield per unit total volume or area. The PAS works by … Read more