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Sillagos Sillagos and smelt-whitings are members of the Sillaginidae family. They are widespread throughout the Indian ocean and the Western Pacific ocean. The sillagos have an elongated body with long and conical snout. Their opercle have a small sharp spine and they have 2 separate dorsal fins.Sillagos are inshore species that feed mainly on benthic … Read more


Whiting has delicate white flesh and is best used when very fresh. Sold whole and filleted, fresh or frozen. Also dried, salted and smoked. Whiting is an under appreciated fish that, amongst many other uses makes a great alternative to cod in fish and chips! Whiting stocks fluctuate naturally but have taken a downwards trend … Read more


Merlangius merlangus, commonly known as Whiting is an important food fish in the eastern North Atlantic, northern Mediterranean, western Baltic, and Black Sea. In English speaking countries outside the whiting’s natural range, the name has been applied to various other species of fish. Whiting – Dave Park Until the later twentieth century, whiting was a … Read more

Small-scale whiting

Small-scale whiting Small-scale whiting Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Sillaginidae Genus: Sillago Species: S. parvisquamis Binomial name Sillago parvisquamis Gill, 1861 Approximate range of the small-scale whiting The small-scale whiting (Sillago parvisquamis) (also known as the blue whiting), is a species of inshore marine fish of the smelt-whiting family … Read more

Handing King George Whiting

Handling King George Whiting King George Whiting – Sillaginodes punctata Region of Origin Found in the intertidal seagrass areas throughout the Eyre Peninsula, especially in the shallow, estuarine areas of the inlets and bays. Sustainability Good – they are a fast growing, frequently spawning fish, which combined with the artisan harvest methods (predominantly hook and … Read more

Sillago analis

Goldenline Whiting, Sillago analis Whitley 1943 Other Names: Goldenlined Sillago, Golden-lined Whiting, Rough-scale Whiting, Rough-scaled Whiting, Tin Can Bay Whiting A Goldenline Whiting, Sillago analis, from Machan, Queensland. Source: Lek / Bowerbird License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Summary: A pale dusky-silvery whiting becoming silvery below, with a dull golden silver to golden yellow stripe along … Read more

Sydney Fish Market

Species Whitings Description Available wild-caught, it is a marine fish found in sandy areas around river mouths and other inshore waters, and sometimes in brackish water, along the southern and southwestern coast from Shark Bay (WA) to Victor Harbour (SA). Caught mainly in Spencer Gulf and Gulf of St Vincent (SA) and Shark Bay (WA) … Read more

King George Whiting

Species Whitings Description The only member of the genus Sillaginodes, King George Whiting is easily distinguished from other Whiting by its tiny scales and the dark spots on its side (and from the unrelated but similar-looking Grass Whiting by its forked tail and 2 distinct dorsal fins). Available wild-caught, it is a coastal marine fish … Read more