Far Cry 5 – Gone Fishin’ Side Mission Walkthrough

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Gone Fishin’ is a Side Quest in Far Cry 5. This walkthrough shows how to complete this Quest.

Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region)
Area: Widow’s Creek
Quest Giver: Skylar Kohrs
Requirement: having finished Tools of the Trade
Reward: 200 RP & 700 $


  • You’ll get randomly two out of those three objectives
    • Catch Bass (1) – Faith’s Region
    • Catch Sturgeon (1) – John’s Region
    • Catch Salmon (1) – Jacob’s Region

Now where you have caught three Trouts in the previous quest, it’s time to up our game and catch some other type of fish.
Getting these will require you to change the lure equipped to your rod. To change it, press and hold

to open up the weapon wheel. Press to change to the utility section, to select the rod and to switch the lures.
Make sure to go to the correct fishing locations, they will be marked on the map, once you are close to them or read / hear about them from magazines / NPC’s.

Bass’ are only to be found in Faith’s Region – the location shown below is northwest of the Moonflower Trailer Park (any other spot works just as fine).
Sturgeon’s can only be found in John’s Region – an example location would be south of the Lamb of God Church (any other spot works just as fine).
If you need to catch a Salmon, head to Jacob’s Region. An example would be north of the F.A.N.G. Center (any other spot works just as fine).
Some of them might be a bit harder to get out and might escape you a few times, but it shouldn’t take you more than ten tries to get some of these heavier beasts.
Once both fish are caught, Skylar will call you over the radio, stating that she is ready to tackle The Admiral – a large fish – together with you.

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