Fishes Rained From The Sky In This Telangana Town In Rare Phenomenon

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Fishes raining from the sky, say what? No, this isn’t any fairytale. The miraculous event happened for real recently in the Jagital town of Telangana. On July 8 and 9, people at Jagital’s Sai Nagar were surprised to find fishes falling from the sky. This is a very rare phenomenon and is known as the ‘rain of animals’. It occurs when tiny water animals are carried above in the form of waterspouts. Not only fishes, but other small water animals like crabs and frogs can also be subject to the phenomenon.

Live Fishes Falling From The Sky In Telangana Surprises Locals

Telangana has been witnessing heavy downpours now. A red alert has also been issued in the state and schools have been shut down. Amid the incessant rainfall, fishes started falling from the sky too. Interestingly, they were alive too. The event naturally prompted the people of Jagital to go on a fish catching spree. A few days back, the same phenomenon had occurred in Telangana’s Bhupalpally district, in a place called Kaleswaram. Last month, the incident had occurred in the jungles of Mahadevpur as well.

Residents of Jagtial town in #Telangana witnessed a rare weather phenomenon as fish ‘rain’ from the sky. The phenomenon, known as ‘animal rain’,

happens when small water animals such as frogs, crabs or small fish are swept into water spouts. #Telanganafloods

— Aashish (@KP_Aashish) July 10, 2022

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Similar Incident Had Occured In Uttar Pradesh Too

A video of the phenomenon uploaded by journalist KP Aashish is going viral now. In the video, we see a fallen fish moving in the scanty waters of the ground. Someone is trying to collect the fishes on a plate. Along with the locals, the incident has amused the netizens too. While most people on the internet were awestruck by the phenomenon, a Twitter user commented on the video and said that the phenomenon is common in Uttar Pradesh. In October 2021, fish rain had occurred in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh.

Are These Fishes Edible?

Several reports have suggested that these fishes falling from the sky might actually be poisonous. Thus, they are not fit for consumption. On that note, have you ever witnessed this strange phenomenon yet? If yes, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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