Fishing Rod

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The Fishing Rod is a new tool that appears for the first time in Far Cry 5. Like hunting, fish you catch can be sold for money at any store.

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For information on how to fish, where to find fish, which lures to use, and related quests, see Fishing.

Fishing Rods

  • Basic Rod – Found at any fishing spot or purchased from the shop.
  • Stats:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of Fire: 2
    • Handling: 2
  • Natural Rod – Purchased from a vendor. Stronger line and faster reel than the Basic Rod.
  • Stats:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of Fire: 4
    • Handling: 4
  • Wonderboy Rod – Reward for completing the fishing quest The Admiral. Travel to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in Whitehall Mountains to start this quest chain with Skylar. The King Fisher perk will be required to complete part 2 and 3. Obtaining this rod is strongly recommended before attempting to catch the heavy regional weight record fish.
  • Stats:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of Fire: 9
    • Handling: 6
  • Old Betsy Rod – Unlocked by beating every regional weight record. Catch the larger versions of the 12 available fish breeds in the more difficult fishing areas to have a chance to complete this. The King Fisher perk is required. More information available in the Fishing article.
  • Stats:
    • Range: 2
    • Rate of Fire: 6
    • Handling: 9

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