Foods that affect the smell of your vjayjay

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Foods that affect the smell of your vjayjay

If it smells fishy, yeasty, or just foul even though you wash frequently – it’s not good. There are some foods you may want to lay off a little, and some that you should be having more of.

Change your lifestyle – change your vaginal odour

For the most part, a smelly vagina is a result of medical conditions like bacterial vaginosis (the most common reason for a fishy smell) and thrush (a very common yeasty smell) as sometimes the slightest change to that perfectly balanced environment means big trouble.

Dr. Bartlik was quoted in Glamour, saying: “everything you eat has the potential to positively or negatively affect the way your bodily secretions, including sexual fluids, smell and taste.”

Our body digests everything we eat and drink. The foods and drinks makes their way from our stomach to our blood flow. Through the blood it reaches our glands; sweat glands, the prostate and the glands in and around your vagina.

Here are 5 foods that you should try and AVOID, especially when you’re planning to have some fun between the sheets.

1. Too much sugar. A spike in blood sugar can cause yeast infections and buildup, which will cause bad odor. Yeast will eat off of the sugar and that’s how they’ll grow. This includes bread, pies and other products filled with yeast.

2. Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners can irritate your bladder, especially if you suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC).

3. Strong foods like garlic, onion, chilli, causes an increased amount of sweating in the body which makes the sweat around your private parts alot smellier.

4. Red meat. The smell and taste of food molecules we ingest can be released through the secretions produced by these glands and tissues, resulting in a noticeable difference in our body fragrance and flavor. Eating red meat may also throw off your vagina’s pH levels.


Foods that you should have more of, to improve the smell and taste:

1. Fresh fruits: like citrus, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry – they have a fresh and zesty scent, which makes the vaginal odor milder and control the pH level of the vagina.

2. Yogurt with live cultures or probiotic supplements may help prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis – this will keep the yeasty and fishy smell away. Probiotics are live microorganisms, often called “friendly bacteria,” that may help fight infections caused by “bad” bacteria and boost digestive health. They are sometimes added to yogurts and available in supplements.

3. Drink lots of water. This will flush out most of the unwanted impurities.

4. It is believed that a mixture of almonds, milk and honey can make you taste sweet.

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