Fortune Teller Fish Objective:

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Fortune Teller Fish Objective:
Today you will be working with a small group of scientists to determine how a “fortune teller fish” works. Be complete, neat, concise, and analytical. Show in writing your ability to THINK like a Scientist! All responses on your paper must be ORIGINAL (don’t work so closely that your reports sound and look alike!) Good luck and remember to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!

Part I – Observation Take the fish out of the package and place it in the palm of your hand. Watch it in your hand for at least 30 seconds. Write down your observations and what the envelope says about your personality. Observations: My personality based on the fish movement:

Part II – Design an Investigation
2. Problem: How does the fortune teller fish work? 3. Hypothesis: If ….Then ______________ One criteria of science is that there is a NATURAL explanation for the observations. This means that we cannot use a “miracle” or other supernatural events to explain the fish’s movements.

4. Experimental Procedure:
Design a simple experiment that will test your hypothesis. A good experimental design will only test one variable at a time. Materials:_____________________________ MV: _____________ RV: fish movement Step 1.___________________________ Step 2. _____________________________ Step 3. ____________________________ Step 4 or more You CANNOT touch the fish during the experiment! You need to conduct the experiment in the classroom (controlled environment).

5. Data Analysis/Results:
Manipulated variable Did the fish move (yes or no? Describe in details)

How does the fortune fish work?
It is made of a “hygroscopic polymer” (moisture absorbing large molecule). This material takes up and retains water. When the fish absorbs moisture from your palm or other object that contains water, it responds by moving.

6. Conclusions: (restate your hypothesis and evaluate your claim
6. Conclusions: (restate your hypothesis and evaluate your claim. Explain how the fortune telling fish works and support it with evidence/data from your experiment. Any experimental errors? Future Hypothesis / New Experiment?) at least 5-7 sentences

Science & Engineering Practices
Using mathematics & computational thinking Constructing explanations and designing solutions Engaging in argument from evidence Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information Asking questions and defining problems Developing and using models Planning and carrying out investigations & designing solutions Analyzing and interpreting data

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