Fresh Alderwood Smoked Salmon

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Fresh Alderwood Smoked Salmon

Product Type: The Alderwood smoked salmon is one of Pure Food Fish Market’s best-smoked salmon options and is sure to be the best-smoked salmon you have ever tasted! This salmon is a delicacy native to the Northwest but treasured worldwide. With over sixty years of experience, we have learned just the right combination of preparation and flavoring to create this perfectly seasoned, moist Alderwood smoked salmon.

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Smoking and Curing Process: The salmon is lightly salted and hot smoked over Alderwood coals. It looks beautiful on a platter garnished with parsley.

Flavor Profile: The salmon is lightly-salted before the smoking process. Natural flavors are brought to life through the meticulous preparation of this salmon for your table. We recommend pairing this salmon with crackers or a fresh green salad.

Product Variation: This product is packaged and served as a salmon filet.

Best Uses: This smoked salmon is perfect for appetizers, party snacks, gifts, travel snacks, salad toppers, as the star of any meal of the day, and so much more! If you are fun of eating salads, you can try Alderwood smoked salmon salad. Just add veggies or nuts that you love!

Check out two of our favorite Alderwood smoked salmon recipes to get creative with the Alderwood smoked salmon: Smoked Salmon Fettuccine & Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Nutritional Facts: This unbeatable smoked salmon is a healthy alternative to fresh salmon but tastes just as good. No preservatives are used throughout the process, and the salmon will taste as good to you as it is. In addition, salmon has excellent benefits on the brain. Scientists discovered that consuming many of the nutrients in salmon is connected to a lower risk of depression. Polyunsaturated fatty acids have also shown a relationship with reduced cognitive deficits and ADHD risk.

Serving Information: This Alderwood smoked salmon is sold fresh-cooked and ready to eat. 2 pounds serves 4-5 people.

Facts Sections: This salmon is heart-healthy and full of vitamins and minerals to strengthen your body. Its unparalleled taste, freshness, and benefits for your health and body make Pure Food Fish Market’s salmon unmatched.

Pure Foods Fish Market offers a variety of fresh and smoked seafood products shipped directly to your door. Check out all of our seafood selections today!

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