Should i separate guppy fry from mother?

Should i separate guppy fry from mother? Guppies are one of the most beautiful fish in any tank. They’re not only easy to care for, but they can also be great friends with other types Representative: catfish , goldfish or even betta as long you know what type your picking them up there spectacled varieties … Read more

What should i feed my guppy fry?

What should i feed my guppy fry? Breeding guppies can be pretty easy, but taking care of fry might make it more difficult. It’s true that they don’t take much effort to breed and most times you won’t need any extra work needed on your end in order for them produce offspring; however there is … Read more

How big should a guppy tank be?

How big should a guppy tank be? The best tank size for guppy fish is determined by their needs. If you plan on keeping them, it’s important to know what will work with your particular set up so that everything goes smoothly from start-to finish! If small tanks are more problematic than large ones then … Read more

Should i separate my pregnant guppy?

Should i separate my pregnant guppy? When a guppy is pregnant, there are many questions that arise. For example: should you separate the male and female? What do I need to provide for my pregnant fish in order maintain its health during this period of time? These were some things on my mind when I … Read more

How big should guppy fry be?

How big should guppy fry be? Guppies have a very simple life cycle. In this article you will find out about the different growth stages your fish can go through and what to do in order for them grow big, colorful & healthy! How fast do they mature? Well both male/female guppy females usually reach … Read more

Is guppy breeding profitable?

Is guppy breeding profitable? Whether you’re an experienced fish breeder or new to the hobby, there are a few things every good breeders needs. From knowing what supplies work best for your setup and how much time should be allocated towards breeding each day – these tips will help make sure that any babies born … Read more

Is guppy a tropical fish?

Is guppy a tropical fish? The guppy is not only a tropical fish but it’s also one of the most widespread. With its high adaptability, resilience and breeding prowess we can see how this small yet hardyriel has spread all over world! But what does that tell us? It just goes to show you that … Read more

How guppy sleep?

How guppy sleep? Guppies are small schooling fish that don’t have eyelids, so you might believe they sleep while it is dark. However the rest of their lives happen at night when there’s no light to bother them! It seems like most planted tanks with these types only need artificial illumination since natural sunlight would … Read more

How guppy fish mate?

How guppy fish mate? Well, I’m glad you asked! So first of all what kind of fish are we talking about? Well if it’s betta then make sure that their food includes meaty foods such as brine shrimp or regular old chopped up worms. If not than just give them some pellets made especially for … Read more

How guppy fish give birth?

How guppy fish give birth?  Guppies are livebearers. Female guppies get pregnant and give birth to many baby fry at once, usually 25-35 days after mating with a male counterpart! It can be tricky figuring out exactly how much time has passed between copulations because they’re so eager for offspring-but if you want the lowdown … Read more